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MYK SCHOMBURG is a joint venture between MYK group of companies HYderabad and Schomburg GmbH of Germany ( are one of the leading solution providers to the construction industry in the European Market with a complete line of products, systems and services in 35 countries for over 70 years with 14 manufacturing plants worldwide.

MYK Group business expertise in India lies in Cement, Tile & Stone installation system (MYK Laticrete), Industrial Fans, Spinning Mills.

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Water proofing

In building construction, waterproofing is a fundamental aspect of creating a building envelope, which is a controlled environment. Over the past two decades, the construction industry has had technological advances in waterproofing materials and we offer you water proofing in civil construction with with a wide range of cementitious and bituminous based products.

We offer you water proofing of:

  • Basement to terrace of building
  • Swimming pools
  • Water bodies
  • All civil constructions

Concrete Admixtures

Over decades, attempts have been made to obtain concrete with certain desired characteristics such as high compressive strength, high workability, and high performance and durability parameters to meet the requirement of complexity of modern structures.

The properties commonly modified are the heat of hydration, accelerate or retard setting time, workability, water reduction, dispersion and air-entrainment, impermeability and durability factors. Admixtures are materials other than water, aggregates, or cement that is used as an ingredient of concrete or mortar to control setting and early hardening, workability, or to provide additional cementing properties.

There are chemical and mineral admixtures. Chemical admixtures reduce the cost of construction, modify properties of hardened concrete, ensure quality of concrete during mixing/transporting/placing/curing, and overcome certain emergencies during concrete operations. They are used to improve the quality of concrete during mixing, transporting, placement and curing

The major reasons for using admixtures are:

  • To reduce the cost of concrete construction
  • To achieve certain properties in concrete more effectively than by other means
  • To maintain the quality of concrete during the stages of mixing, transporting, placing, and curing in adverse weather conditions
  • To overcome certain emergencies during concreting operations

Industrial Flooring

The job of protecting slabs of roofs on the different floors in building and providing suitable finish of floor surfaces is known as flooring. There are many types of floors according to their uses, economy and required level of finishing. There are different types of flooring which includes 1. Bricks or interlocking tiles flooring 2. Cement concrete floor 3. Marble chips or crazy marble flooring 4. Ready made marble tiles flooring 5. Glazed tiles flooring 6. Kota stone, Agra stones etc stone flooring 7. Wooden flooring.

But in the case of industrial uses, flooring requires more attention as it may be subjected to heavy loads, abrasion, impact, traffic, spillage, chemical reactions etc. Hence we offer industrial flooring with tough and robust products and systems in cementitious, epoxy and polyurethane.

Restoration, Repair and protective coatings

Modern concrete is a very durable construction material and, if properly proportioned and placed, will give very long service under normal conditions. But many concrete structures fail prematurely and require repair. The repair, if not properly planned and executed, can also fail early and can even be detrimental to adjoining sound concrete.

There are many causes of concrete failure, and many methods available for the repair of failures and if needed, restoration of the structure. Effective repair and restoration requires a rational, analytical process that begins with diagnosing the reason for the failure, and using this information to select materials and methods that best meet the requirements for the repair.

There are many factors that must be taken in account for making good concrete repair decisions. The first step in concrete repair is the diagnosis of the reason for the failure so that repaired sections will not be subject to the same failing. The second step is the selection of a method that is compatible with the physical and chemical properties of the concrete to be repaired. We can help you here with some of our products which will suit your requirements.

Grouts and anchors

Grout is a particularly fluid form of concrete used to fill gaps. It is used in construction to embed rebars in masonry walls, connect sections of pre-cast concrete, fill voids, and seal joints such as those between tiles.

In the case of Machinery and equipment, Cementitious and epoxy grouts are used to fill the void between machine bases and the foundation. If not it may result in alignment and load bearing problems.

Grouts can be used to fill the voids between a given substrate (usually concrete) and machinery base-plates, bearing-plates, prefabricated columns, rails, equipment base-plates, anchor bolt holes, and tilt-up panels. They can be also injected waterproofing or repair work. We offer you both cementitous grouts and epoxy grouts as per your requirement.

Building and Joint Sealants

Joint sealants are used to seal joints and openings (gaps) between two or more substrates, and are a critical component for building design and construction. The main purpose of sealants is to prevent air, water, and other environmental elements from entering or exiting a structure while permitting limited movement of the substrates. Specialty sealants are used in special applications, such as for fire stops, electrical or thermal insulation, and aircraft applications.

Sealants are used for a variety of commercial and residential applications. Common sealants include silicone, acrylic, urethane, butyl and other polymeric types. Various formulations have been developed over the years, which meet performance specifications established by industry standards, as well as for the specific and unique needs of the end user We provide a different range of sealants which can be helpful to you.


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